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Eye Strain in the Classroom

September 15, 2023

Both in and out of the classroom, school can weigh heavy on your eyes. Late-night study sessions and long days at the desk can take a toll on your vision and put you at an increased risk of eye concerns. To avoid eye strain, here are some tricks and techniques to use.   

Sports Safety Month – Options for Eye Protection

September 01, 2023

Sports Safety Month is the perfect time to learn about different types of eye protection gear for sports. This article explores various options available to keep your eyes safe while participating in athletic activities.

Don’t Skip the Back-to-School Eye Exam

August 15, 2023

Vision issues can impact every aspect of a child’s development, from their performance in the classroom to athletics, hobbies, and even self-esteem.

Why Following Guidelines is Important for Contact Wearers

August 02, 2023

Contact lenses are so convenient — just pop them in and forget them, right?

Chlorine’s Effect on the Eyes

July 24, 2023

If you’re swimming in a man-made pool, there’s every chance that chlorine is used to maintain the water. Chlorine serves an important role of keeping harmful bacteria from flourishing, but it also has a bad side effect

Importance of Protecting Your Vision from UV Rays

July 13, 2023

There’s nothing better than a bright, sunny day. But did you know that the invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays projected by the sun can take a toll on your eyes?

How to Protect Your Eyes When Handling Fireworks

June 26, 2023

Watching fireworks from afar poses no risk to your eyesight but setting them off or being too close when someone else does could lead to permanent eye injuries.

June is National Cataract Awareness Month

June, 5 2023

As the leading cause of preventable blindness, the American Academy of Ophthalmology established June as Cataract Awareness Month to spread the word about this condition.

How Pregnancy Can Change Your Vision

May 17, 2023

Having a child can surely change the way you see the world, but did you know it can have a physical impact on your vision too? The natural hormonal fluctuations experienced throughout pregnancy can lead to changes throughout the body, which will often get back to normal at some point, but side effects on your cardiovascular system and metabolism can lead to longer lasting impacts. 

When to Bring Your Child in for Myopia Management

May 8, 2023

Is your child growing restless in class? Are they opting for the floor over the couch when playing video games? Do you find them squinting at far away objects?

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