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Which Is Better Prescription, Sunglasses or Transition Lenses?

July 23, 2021

The discussion about prescription sunglasses versus transitional lenses has become quite popular these days. People are more mindful of UV protection and vision, so it is not surprising that companies are designing glasses that do both.


It is about convenience and making good decisions, especially for people who wear prescription eyeglasses. They may have to carry an extra pair of sunglasses whenever they go outside or keep one pair of glasses that change from one shade to another depending on UV exposure.


If you are torn between getting prescription sunglasses or transitional lenses, here’s information to help you find the right eyewear to suit your lifestyle.


What Are Prescription Sunglasses?


Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses that have prescription lenses fixed into them. They protect your eyes from the sun, glare, and help you see clearly when it is bright outside.


How Do They Work?


Prescription glasses have anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings that can offer UV protection and polarization. If you require prescription eyewear, Vision Center South can tailor the sunglasses to match your prescription. This corrects your vision while offering UV protection.




  • Convenience: You do not have to bring both sunglasses and prescription glasses when you go outside


  • Varieties and options: There are various brands, frames, and color options to choose from




Prescription sunglasses work best outdoors. You have to change back to your regular prescription eyeglasses when you are indoors.


What Are Transitional Lenses?


Transitional lenses also go by the name photochromatic lenses. They are lenses that darken when you step out in the sun and return to their normal tint when you are indoors. Transitional lenses are unlike any other glasses and are technically designed to adapt to light.


How Do They Work?


Transitional lenses start clear in softer light indoors and darken in the sun, working to both safeguard eye health and correct vision. When exposed to UV light, the lenses automatically change their shade to go dark.


If there is no UV light or you are indoors, the lenses return to their normal color because there is no light to activate them.




  • Convenience: You do not have to carry two different pairs of glasses, glasses, and sunglasses, everywhere you go


  • Improved visual experience: Transitional lenses bring comfort and ease to your eyes by minimizing eye strain from the sun when changing from your eyeglasses to your sunglasses




Transitional lenses look darker in photos. Some people complain that the lenses are not the best accessory in outdoor photoshoots.


Which One Is Better? You Decide


Both prescription sunglasses and transitional lenses work exceptionally well in protecting your eyes, and they both are best for you. You can get both of them if you need to, or decide what circumstances you find the need for either one of them.


To learn more about prescription sunglasses and transition lenses, call Vision Center South at (888) 660-2738 to speak with our team or schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations today!

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