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What's Not Scary About Seeing the Optometrist

October 26, 2022

It’s surprising how many patients leave the optometrist and say, “It’s amazing to finally see again!” People go years struggling with their vision because they harbor fears about the optometrist that are based on myths. Let’s clear some of those up.

MYTH: “Failing” the Test

So many people are worried that they’ll give the wrong answer to the question, “Which is clearer: one or two?” The good news is that there’s no wrong answer! (It’s also okay to say, “They look the same.”)

Your optometrist has a general idea of your vision level before you even begin this test. They use what’s called subjective refraction to lead them to a more refined prescription.

The Air Puff Test Is Unpleasant

There’s probably not a single optometry patient who likes the air puff test. Great news! Technology has advanced, and all Vision Center South locations now use a handheld Tonometer to obtain quick, easy eye pressure measurement using a gentle light probe. No puff required.

I Don’t Want Glasses!

Glasses aren’t just for necessity anymore; many people wear them as a trendy accessory. However, plenty of others want the freedom that comes with a frame-free face.

If this is you, ask your optometrist about options for contacts, glasses for reading or driving, prescription sunglasses, and/or LASIK. There are plenty of vision correction options so you can continue enjoying life in clear view without having to wear glasses all the time. Many people who struggled with the adjustment to glasses now love their frames, too.

Blurry Vision After Dilation

Eye dilation is a very safe and important procedure; it gives your optometrist a broad view of the back of the eye, where certain issues might be hiding.

The blurry vision caused by dilating your eyes only lasts an hour or two in most cases.

If your eyes are very sensitive after dilation, sunglasses help. (Your optometrist should have disposable pairs in you need a spare pair.)


What’s scarier than seeing the optometrist? Letting your vision go unchecked! There’s so much to see in life, and you deserve to have clear, crisp sight and healthy eyes now!

Discuss your worries with your optometrist and with other patients who have had positive experiences. Remember, your vision is important. Schedule time annually for a comprehensive eye exam to assure your eyes are healthy and your vision is optimal.  Making an appointment is simple.  Call your nearest Vision Center South to schedule your annual appointment today.

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