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Halloween Eye Safety Tips

October 1, 2021

Halloween is approaching and one fact most people are not aware of is that Halloween can be a busy time for eye doctors. A number of eye injuries can occur as a result of Halloween festivities and we’d like to help by sharing some eye safety tips.

Eye Safety Tips for Halloween

Traditionally, Halloween is a holiday for children, however, adults still join in on the fun. Regardless of age, everyone should follow certain safety precautions to ensure a safe and fun Halloween. Many Halloween hazards involve the eyes. Some of the ways you can keep your eyes safe and still have an amazing time include:

Avoid Over-the-Counter Cosmetic Contact Lenses

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, wearing OTC cosmetic contacts can cause permanent damage. Some of these costume lenses, according to one study, tested positive for metal, chlorine, and harmful chemicals. 

It is illegal to sell contact lenses not approved by the FDA for effectiveness and safety. Essentially, you need a valid prescription from an eye doctor to purchase contact lenses. Unfortunately, you will still find non-prescribed contact lenses on sale in many beauty stores and online during this time of the year.

In some cases, decorative, non-prescribed contact lenses have caused pain, corneal infection, decreased vision, conjunctivitis, and even loss of vision. If you need decorative contact lenses to complement your Halloween costume, buy them from retailers who require FDA-approved and prescription lenses. 

Be Wary of Toy Weapons

Pretend knives, swords, and other toys with pointed edges can cause serious eye injuries. Choose one made of foam-like or soft foam material if your costume requires you to purchase a toy weapon. This is especially important when you purchase a toy weapon for your little one. 

Eye Glitter Can Harm Your Eye

It is all fun and games until Halloween eye glitter gets into your eye. This type of makeup is not good for the eyes. This applies to lash glue, glitz, and fake eyelashes. Fun or scary face makeup is a great way to complete your Halloween costume, but you need to be careful of the type of makeup to apply near your eyes.

Avoid the Glow Sticks

The liquid inside glow sticks can cause serious infection and pain when it gets into your eye. It can also irritate when you spill or splash it on your skin. If you are planning to go out on Halloween night, choose a flashlight as it will provide better illumination without posing a threat to your eyes.

For more on Halloween eye safety tips, call Vision Center South at (888) 660-2738 today!

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