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Do I Need a Contact Fitting Every Year?

September 28, 2021

Contacts that do not fit or are not the proper type or strength can end up damaging your eyes. Contact fittings are recommended every year to ensure that your contacts are still a good fit and to make sure that your contact lenses lie comfortably on the curvature of your eyes.


Different factors may contribute to increased frequency of a contact lens exam. These include:


The Comfort of Contact Lenses


The comfort of your contacts can be impacted by the material used. Sometimes the rigid lenses may be comfortable to begin with, but with time, become less comfortable. This should be a prompt for a contact lens fitting exam where an alternative type of contact may be recommended.


Type of Contacts


Contact lenses come in different types. From daily to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual, the choice is yours to make. It is important to note that the type of contact lenses could impact the frequency of contact fitting.


For example, let us take the case of daily lenses that are commonly packed in boxes containing 90 pieces. If your eyes have different prescriptions, you will have to buy two packs. On average, this will take you three months. After this, you may want to change the type of contacts.


Changing will require you to go for an eye exam and subsequent contact fitting to ensure compatibility for your eyes. Therefore, contact fittings can depend on how often you change the type and even the brand of lenses.


Eye Health


Comprehensive eye exams precede contact fittings. During the exam, your eye doctor checks for more than just your prescription. They do several other tests to determine if you have any eye conditions, diseases, or infections.


Whatever arises from your exam will determine whether there is a need to change your type of lens. Subsequently, a contact fitting may be necessary. Dry eyes and allergies may require more frequent contact lens replacement and contact fittings.




Even if an eye exam confirms you have no eye diseases or infections, your prescription may have changed. This means that the type and strength of the contacts you need will be different and also ensure that the fit and performance of the contact lenses are suitable for your eyes.


The Curvature of the Eye


A keratometer is an instrument that measures the curvature of the eye, determining the contact lens size most suitable for you. Your eye doctor will likely assess the fit of the lenses over a couple of visits. This is because contact lenses may feel comfortable when you wear them for the first time, but they may feel different after a while. Contact fittings will ensure that the lens size fits the curvature of your eye.


If you need a contact fitting or comprehensive eye exam, call Vision Center South at 888-660-2738 to schedule at one of our offices in Brewton, Dothan, Enterprise, and Wetumpka, Alabama, and Marianna, Florida.

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