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Common Age-Related Eye Problems

September 24, 2021

One of the areas that age as you grow older is your eyes. It is important to go for regular eye checkups to prevent vision loss. It is healthy aging month, the special time of the year to encourage older adults to live a healthy lifestyle.


Part of this is taking better care of yourself and especially your eyes; learn more about some common age-related eye problems and how to prevent or slow down their onset. 




These are specks in your vision. They occur when the vitreous fluid in your eye becomes more liquid as you age. Microscopic fibers form, clump together, and cast shadows on your retina. It is not a serious condition. 


However, keep a lookout for a significant increase in the specks, loss of peripheral vision, or flashes of light. If you notice any of the above, see your eye doctor immediately. They could be a sign of a torn retina that, if not treated, can lead to detachment and eventual loss of vision. 


Dry Eyes


As you grow older, you may notice that the production of tears diminishes. When there is a significant reduction, it causes the eyes to become red and itchy with a stinging sensation. To help deal with this, your eye doctor may suggest the use of eye drops or a humidifier in the house. These help keep your eyes moist. In severe cases, dry eyes can require surgery to prevent the loss of vision. 




With age, proteins in the eye lens begin to break down. They cause cloudy, blurred vision that, if not caught early, can result in blindness. To reverse this, your eye doctor replaces the lens with an artificial one through surgery. 


Regular eye exams can catch cataracts in their early stages. To minimize cataract risk, limit your use of steroid medication, drink plenty of water, take omega-3 supplements, and eat a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals. 




This occurs when pressure from eye fluid that does not drain properly builds upon the optic nerve. Slowly and painlessly, there is a loss of peripheral vision, and blindness creeps in. To help catch it early, you must go for regular eye exams. Remember, it is the leading cause of blindness in people over 60 years of age.


Macular Degeneration


The macular is the center part of the retina responsible for clear vision right in front of you. When it starts degenerating, it causes blurred, wavy vision. This makes it hard to recognize faces, read, and even drive. It has no known cure, but a combination of vitamins and minerals can slow down the degeneration.


Diabetic Retinopathy


This occurs when excess glucose damages the blood vessels in the retina. They swell and leak fluid, causing floaters and cloudy vision. Regular eye exams are important as they help catch it in its early stages before it does irreparable damage. Managing your diabetes by taking your medicine, exercising, and eating healthy will also prevent this condition.


Regular eye exams and healthy diets can help avoid all of the above conditions or at least catch them early enough to minimize the severity.


If you suspect you have any eye problems, call Vision Center South at 888-660-2738 to schedule an eye exam at one of our offices in Brewton, Dothan, Enterprise, and Wetumpka, Alabama, and Marianna, Florida.

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